SNES Chrono Trigger Purple Robe


OST: Schala’s Theme
Remix: Purple Robe
Sheet: PDF


The dark ages was easily my favourite part of Chrono Trigger. I felt most connected with and to me at the time it was really surprising creativity. Schala’s theme was my favourite from this time (Next to corridors of time) but what I found was it is very enjoyable to play on piano. It’s not that hard so if you play give the sheet music above a try.

SNES Zelda (ALLTP) Sad Overworld

OST: Overworld
Remix: Goodbye Link
Sheet: None yet


Just before I went to perform at a convention I was playing through my Zelda Medley and I noticed I really enjoyed the soft part of the overworld so I decided to record a section of it using my Toneport UX2 and the Roland RD700SX I had rented for the performance. I turned out rather nice and I uploaded it as sort of a preview.

Over time as the new Zelda games have come out for N64, DS and Wii I’ve given them a minor chance but not being a kid I didn’t give them hordes of time as I would have before. So I guess I felt like my time spent with Zelda was now only in the past.

SNES Super Metroid Piano Maridia

Lower Maridia

OST: Maridia 2
Remix: Piano Maridia
Sheet: PDF


It doesn’t take much to turn this almost written for piano song into a piano solo. When I got to this part of the game I was really surprised how trapped the background music made me feel. All metroid games have the feel of being lost in the depths as you play through them but for some reason this song really made me feel it.

SNES Super Metroid Item Collect

Super Metroid Item

OST: Item collect
Remix: Item collect
Sheet: Item Collect


I had always liked the soundtrack to super metroid. When I first came up with the idea of vgPiano I tried to get some albums together and one of them was super metroid. However, if not for metroid metal I probably would have never picked this song.

SNES Super Metroid Title

Super Metroid

OST: Title
Remix: Metroid Intro
Sheet: None yet


This remix was one of those times where you sit down a keyboard and just start playing. I never intended to remix this song but I picked it up quickly and figured what the heck I’ll hit record. I’m glad I did.

SNES Zelda (ALLTP) Before the Mirror Medley


OST: Sanctuary, Overworld, Kakariko
Remix: Before the Mirror
Sheet: Kakariko, Overworld, Sanctuary


In 2005 I started looking for remix competitions because I was really enjoying tracking compos. I found a competition on RPG Gamer called Sound Test. This competition featured an “On the Keys”  section. There were basic rules but it had to be from an RPG and on a keyed instrument (organ, piano, etc). I always figured that Zelda for SNES was a bit of a stretch to say it was an RPG but I guess that 1 town was enough to make an RPG so I was more than happy to do this.

Initially I wanted to do more tracks but I started to run out of time so I called it “Before the Mirror” because all the songs it in take place in the light world. I have always intended to do an “After the Mirror” with songs from the Dark world and maybe one day I will.

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Karate man of Fabul

Castle Fabul

OST: Fabul
Mp3: Yang’s Pride
Sheet: Zip of jpgs


My main inspriation for starting work on this arrangment was because I had heard many times that fabul would not translate well to a piano arrangement. Initially I was worried a bit myself but as I got into working with the song I found myself really enjoying it. The theme of fabul is triumphant and full of power, a very uplifting piece to play through. I hope you feel the same way listening as I did playing!

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Golbez is Awesome!


OST: Golbez
Mp3: Golbez is awesome
Sheet: PDF


  1. Cecil is a dark knight
  2. Tellah is an old man
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Cecil is a paladin
  2. Tellah won’t cast meteo
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Kain betrays Cecil
  2. Golbez takes Rosa
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Tellah finally casts meteo
  2. Tellah Dies
  3. Golbez is Awesome (cape flaps in the wind)

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Prelude


OST: Prelude
Remix: Prelude performance
Sheet: None


This is one of the few remixes I wrote where I’ll admit I wasn’t really all that inspired. I wanted to see if I could pull playing the arpeggios and the lead at the same time. I pulled it off but not to my full satisfaction. Perhaps one day I will recreate this in a more complete recording.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Terra’s Theme

OST: Terra
Remix: FF2 through FF6
Sheet: From piano collections


This song is actually an arrangement of three songs. Sadness from FF2/4, Overworld from FF2/4 and Terra’s theme from FF3/6. The terra theme is taking from the piano collections making it the second arrangement I’ve recorded that I did not arrange. The piano setup and recording quality went very well with this song for some reason. I must apologise for this arrangement not being available online anywhere for several years, please enjoy.