SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Coin song

OST: Coin Song
Remix: Coin Song
Sheet: Zipped jpgs


The wonders in your memory, the soft feelings that drip out of grasp and hit the floor being partially soaked beyond recovery… forever.

SNES Chrono Trigger Belthasar’s Endless Dream

Strange power

OST: Sealed Door
Remix: Belthasar’s Endless Dream
Sheet: None yet


One of my favourite features of Chrono Trigger was the mystery. Doors you can’t open, treasure chests “sealed with unknown energy” and then the Nu’s. The score of the game made the mystery seem all that much more enticing and this is probably my favourite song in the entire game that invokes that emotion.

SNES Final Fanatasy 3/6 Goodbye forever

OST: Dark World
Remix: World of Ruin
Sheet: Zip of Jpgs


When I first made it to the section of Final Fantasy 3 where I lost all my characters except cid and I was nursing him to health on the desert island I was really impressed with the game. It felt very realistic, I felt lonely and isolated and the game took on a whole new hopeless feeling that broke it down to nothing allowing you to start over completely again.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned you can keep cid alive by feeding him the “fast fish”. I am very, very fortunate that this did not happen the first time as the cut scene when he dies is aboslutely beautiful and should not be missed.

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Ana Piano mix

OST: Sadness
Mp3: Sadness (Ana’s death)
Sheet: None


While I realize this song is in many important parts throughout the game. When the twins die, when edge fights his parents and many others the one that stood out to me growing up was when ana dies. The simplicity of this song is what made me really enjoy the sadness in it.

SNES Chrono Trigger Sad songs


OST: Bottom of night & Day the world revived
Remix: Sad song
Sheet: None yet


I had an old pentium that I built inside of a terra work boots box. It was for the most part host for all my original servers (including and non-stop it played inside of a chrono trigger rom (that was just an OST sampler) “The Day the world revived”. Eventually I got pretty fond of it and started to play it on piano. Somehow “At the bottom of Night” worked it’s way in as the intro.

SNES Final Fantasy 5 Remember

OST: Reminiscence
Remix: Remember
Sheet: None


I never actually completed final fantasy 5. However, one night after playing through a few hours of it I decided that I’d allow myself to skip ahead and browse the SPCs. I found a lot of music that I didn’t expect to find in a final fantasy game and it made me pretty happy. I learned this song right away and recorded it because I felt it was a good model for how this game has different music.

SNES Final Fantasy 5 Nostalgia

Remix: Nostalgia
Sheet: None yet


All those things you could have once had. Reaching to touch them as your fingers fold against the glass cover. It’s just a 2d image of what was once in your permanant grasp. It’s gone now, and you are changed. Where is the past, where are you.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Kids run through city

OST: Kids Run
Remix: Mp3
Sheet: Piano collections version


When I first became interested in recording remixes a friend of mine showed me a remix collection of Final Fantasy music that had been published on CD. I didn’t think much of it and I decided that I would start making my own “higher” quality arrangements. I learned this version of “kids run through city” from the Final Fantasy Piano Collections. It took me a while to get this song the way I wanted and since it was my first recording there were several technical and practiacl mistakes. I think by the end it took me around 100 takes in the living room of a house with no air conditioning on a very hot july evening. That is something I will not endure again :)