SNES Games


About SNES

It may sound absurd but to this day the SNES is my favourite system in all categories (for its’ time) but I do hope to one day see something that beats it for me. For me the SNES was a system where almost all the games were of superior (super) quality. With an impressive game list like Super mario world, Donkey kong country, Super metroid, Super ghost and ghouls, Legend of zelda a link to the past, Street fighter 2, Final fantasy 4/5/6, Chrono trigger, Contra, Mega man x just to name a few you can see why this system didn’t just make excellent games it defiend gaming.

To this day many of the most popular games are remakes from the list above but I’m not hear to just talk about gameplay.

About Music

This is when I was really impressed. I had gone back to my PC games after the NES fever wore off (took a while) and thought that I was well rooted in SB16 sound. Once again I was pulled back by Nintendo to their newest console. The music in Super mario world impressed me but it was my introduction to FF2 (US) that made me realize just how great the SNES was. There was the half at school who argued sega was faster, but I was never phased.

I prefer to use the SNESAmp plugin for WinAmp to play SPC files