Metroid Title

In my life

The first time I played metroid was on my own NES in my basement. I rented it from a local video store called “Dreamworld”. I stayed inside a lot that day because it was a very hot summer and I quickly became entranced in the game. It seemed so vast, there were places I could get trapped, upgrades to my player that were permanate and an eerie feeling that conveyed the idea of entirely different world.

The enemies and music were exciting but I was young and because of the difficulty I gave up without really beating the game. It wasn’t until I went camping 10 years or so later and played it on my laptop (I know but it was raining ok!). The first time I heard kraid’s theme I knew it was my favourite song from the game. As soon as I got home I learned to play it on piano (not an easy task at the time) by ear from the NSF. I had to slow it down quite a bit to get all the notes but it was well worth it!

OST Song Remix Page Download Remix Date
Kraid In Kraid Mp3 August 2002
Opening, Ridley’s, Kraid Metroid Overture Mp3 September 2002
Kraid In Kraid #2 Mp3 February 2004
Kraid In Kraid #3 Mp3 February 2006