SNES Zelda (ALLTP) Before the Mirror Medley


OST: Sanctuary, Overworld, Kakariko
Remix: Before the Mirror
Sheet: Kakariko, Overworld, Sanctuary


In 2005 I started looking for remix competitions because I was really enjoying tracking compos. I found a competition on RPG Gamer called Sound Test. This competition featured an “On the Keys”  section. There were basic rules but it had to be from an RPG and on a keyed instrument (organ, piano, etc). I always figured that Zelda for SNES was a bit of a stretch to say it was an RPG but I guess that 1 town was enough to make an RPG so I was more than happy to do this.

Initially I wanted to do more tracks but I started to run out of time so I called it “Before the Mirror” because all the songs it in take place in the light world. I have always intended to do an “After the Mirror” with songs from the Dark world and maybe one day I will.

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  • Joseph

    Hello, Mark, I would just like to make a request similar (identical) to that of Andrew, Thomas, and Aaron. I’ve been playing clarinet for 5 years, and have in the last seven months or so, have been trying to learn piano. I found this piece on about three years ago, and it has been my personal favorite Legend of Zelda piano medley ever since. For personal use only, of course, it would make me very happy to be able to play this rendition.
    Cpt. IIII

  • Dominic

    Thanks for the help! I was worried you didn’t monitor this site anymore, glad to see that you do. Everything works fine now and I’m going to start learning this awesome music.

    Thanks again,

  • disturbed

    Dominic, I am guessing that you are downloading the SPC “OST” files.


    These are the original sound files in the SNES format you would need a player like openspc or SNESAMP for winamp. The PDF files you want are next to the “sheet” category .


    I have just checked all three and they appear to work. Please let me know if you are still having trouble. I have not yet gone through the work to create a single overview sheet for the song as played.

  • Dominic

    Okay, so I downloaded and tried to open the files provided in the links and they won’t open. I downloaded and tried three different softwares that are supposed to open them and they wouldn’t open them either. Please, if you can, put the files in a pdf format and e-mail them to me? Or if you’ve written the new sheet music for the way you play it that would be fantastic and much appreciated. You play beautifully and it’s a great rendition and I would certainly love to learn it. Thanks,

  • Aaron Van Zoeren

    I am also interested in getting the sheet music for before the mirror. I would like to be able to play it. It is a great piece. If you could get me a copy downloadable for Finale 2010 that would be great but a PDF file would also be good. However you do it, I would like to have a copy for personal use. I entered my emailfor further contact. If you are unableto see it then send a message to

    Thank you very much,
    Aaron Van Zoeren

  • Thomas

    Hi Mr. Dillon,

    I would like to know if you created the music sheet that Andrew were asking for.
    I wanted to thank you a lot, because I find the arrangement provided in “before the mirror” wonderful.
    However, I could’nt manage to mix properly the three piano sheets.
    I will be very fond of a music sheet corresponding exactly to the mp3 song, just for my “personal use” as Andrew said.

    Many thanks,


  • disturbed

    Do you mean as opposed to the ones you can download from here? I don’t believe that I have done sheet music to match the exact notes and way that I play before the mirror vs the three sets of sheet music that are attached here.

    Let me know if this is what you meant and I’ll consider creating a different set of sheet music to match the mp3 exactly.

  • Andrew

    Hello, I hope that you still recieve messages from this page. Are you willing to release the sheet music for “Before the Mirror”? For personal use only.

    Thank you.

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