SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Karate man of Fabul

Castle Fabul

OST: Fabul
Mp3: Yang’s Pride
Sheet: Zip of jpgs


My main inspriation for starting work on this arrangment was because I had heard many times that fabul would not translate well to a piano arrangement. Initially I was worried a bit myself but as I got into working with the song I found myself really enjoying it. The theme of fabul is triumphant and full of power, a very uplifting piece to play through. I hope you feel the same way listening as I did playing!

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Golbez is Awesome!


OST: Golbez
Mp3: Golbez is awesome
Sheet: PDF


  1. Cecil is a dark knight
  2. Tellah is an old man
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Cecil is a paladin
  2. Tellah won’t cast meteo
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Kain betrays Cecil
  2. Golbez takes Rosa
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Tellah finally casts meteo
  2. Tellah Dies
  3. Golbez is Awesome (cape flaps in the wind)

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Terra’s Theme

OST: Terra
Remix: FF2 through FF6
Sheet: From piano collections


This song is actually an arrangement of three songs. Sadness from FF2/4, Overworld from FF2/4 and Terra’s theme from FF3/6. The terra theme is taking from the piano collections making it the second arrangement I’ve recorded that I did not arrange. The piano setup and recording quality went very well with this song for some reason. I must apologise for this arrangement not being available online anywhere for several years, please enjoy.

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Ana Piano mix

OST: Sadness
Mp3: Sadness (Ana’s death)
Sheet: None


While I realize this song is in many important parts throughout the game. When the twins die, when edge fights his parents and many others the one that stood out to me growing up was when ana dies. The simplicity of this song is what made me really enjoy the sadness in it.