Chrono Trigger


In my life

Chrono trigger was one of the few games that I played for the first time on an emulator since I never noticed it during the SNES days. I started playing it using SNES9X (which required at the time turning on and off layers becuase of tranparency issues). Eventually a very good version of it came out and I was able to play through the game completely normal.

Chrono trigger made me feel what I had originally felt the first time I played FF2/4 all over again. To this day it is surely the finest RPG I’ve ever played. The music is fantastic, the story is entertaining even when played over and over again and the game play is very satisfying.

OST Song Remix Page Download Remix Date
1 & 2 Sad Songs Mp3 August 2002
Sealed Door Belthasar’s Endless Dream Mp3 October 2002
Schala’s Theme Purple Robe Mp3 March 2009