SNES Zelda (ALLTP) Sad Overworld

OST: Overworld
Remix: Goodbye Link
Sheet: None yet


Just before I went to perform at a convention I was playing through my Zelda Medley and I noticed I really enjoyed the soft part of the overworld so I decided to record a section of it using my Toneport UX2 and the Roland RD700SX I had rented for the performance. I turned out rather nice and I uploaded it as sort of a preview.

Over time as the new Zelda games have come out for N64, DS and Wii I’ve given them a minor chance but not being a kid I didn’t give them hordes of time as I would have before. So I guess I felt like my time spent with Zelda was now only in the past.

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  • Tom

    I’m kind of a beginner in playing piano and I learn by ear, but I can’t get all the notes right. I’m hoping you could eventually either write sheet music for this song or a tutorial or something. is the link where I heard this amazing remix. Thank you for being epic at piano.

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