Final Fantasy 5

No prelude here

In my life

I didn’t get around to playing Final Fantasy 5 until I was emulating SNES games (as I’m sure was the same with many people). Some other people first experienced in the PS1 release of Final Fantasy Anthology either way by the time that I played this game I had already played through Final Fantasy 2/4, 3/6 and 7.

Right away I noticed that this game was different in a few fundemental ways from what I had seen. There was no prelude at the opening, the job system was very flexible (yes I know the NES 2 had the same but I hadn’t played it yet). About half way through the game I felt as though I was almost playing a different series.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the game, I did very much. My fondest memory is when in high school I had just made it to the ship graveyard playing overnight and when it was about time to get up to get ready for the bus school was cancelled; not because it was snowing, or too cold but because of “Fog Day”. How appropriate.

OST Song Remix Page Download Remix Date
Nostalgia Nostalgia Mp3 June 2002
Reminiscence Remember Mp3 July 2002