Final Fantasy 3/6

Title (Organ plays)

In my life

Around 1995 I started playing Final Fantasy 3 US. Everybody has that game where it was “their” RPG. This was my rpg. I spent so much time playing this game that it probably trippled the amount for FF2 US. When I first loaded the game up and it played that snow walking intro I was completely sold and there was nothing I would have rather done than continue playing that game.

Once I got into the game it was the music and story that really had me. I remember download MP2 files of the music onto my PC and trying to tweak my midi settings to produce the closest to original sound I could find. There are so many parts and sections of this game that I really enjoyed that it would take more than a page to tell you about them. So I’ll leave at this

Final Fantasy 3/6 is hands down my favourite Final Fantasy. The music, puzzles, world and character development are enough to even have me go back and play it again.

OST Song Remix Page Download Remix Date
Kids Kids run through city Mp3 July 2001
Dark World Goodbye Forever Mp3 October 2002
Coin Song
Coin Song Mp3 November 2002
Terra’s Theme FF2 through FF6 Mp3 November 2002
Prelude Prelude Performance Mp3 December 2002