Legend of Zelda (ALLTP)


In my life

Although I did spend a lot of time playing through the first NES Zelda on the “Gold Cartridge” I didn’t have the same attachment to it as I did with this game. I think it was because this game was closer to an RPG, had more dialogue, a town and more of a sense of gaining abilities through items, dungeons etc.

As a kid the transition from Light world to Dark world fascinated me. The fact that you go in water but no the deep sections until you got the fins. There were areas surrounded by blocks, that you could lift; but then not all the blocks until later created many side quests that were entertaining. In the end for me, this was the best game in the Zelda series but that might just be because of my age.

OST Song Remix Page Download Remix Date
1, 2, 3 Before the Mirror Mp3 April 2005
Overworld Goodbye Link Mp3 June 2006