SNES Chrono Trigger Purple Robe


OST: Schala’s Theme
Remix: Purple Robe
Sheet: PDF


The dark ages was easily my favourite part of Chrono Trigger. I felt most connected with and to me at the time it was really surprising creativity. Schala’s theme was my favourite from this time (Next to corridors of time) but what I found was it is very enjoyable to play on piano. It’s not that hard so if you play give the sheet music above a try.

SNES Chrono Trigger Belthasar’s Endless Dream

Strange power

OST: Sealed Door
Remix: Belthasar’s Endless Dream
Sheet: None yet


One of my favourite features of Chrono Trigger was the mystery. Doors you can’t open, treasure chests “sealed with unknown energy” and then the Nu’s. The score of the game made the mystery seem all that much more enticing and this is probably my favourite song in the entire game that invokes that emotion.

SNES Chrono Trigger Sad songs


OST: Bottom of night & Day the world revived
Remix: Sad song
Sheet: None yet


I had an old pentium that I built inside of a terra work boots box. It was for the most part host for all my original servers (including and non-stop it played inside of a chrono trigger rom (that was just an OST sampler) “The Day the world revived”. Eventually I got pretty fond of it and started to play it on piano. Somehow “At the bottom of Night” worked it’s way in as the intro.