Data Acquired

In my life

Tyrian was one of those games that I downloaded off a BBS to find out that it was a really excellent arcade style game. As a bonus it had some very cool music that I came to really enjoy through the setup.exe config that came with it. Many dos game setups featured jukebox players for their music and other interacive addons and tyrian was no exception. I spent many hours playing through this game and have even done so recently. There is an updated verson “tyrian 2000” that will run in XP if you remember, miss, and want to play this game.

Music format

Tyrian music is in LDS (loudness) format. The plugin adplug is a great way to play them in winamp. I am currently working towards creating an actual mp3 rip for each track directly from an SB16 (for those of us who can hear the difference)

OST Song Remix page Download Remix Date
LDS File Composition in Q Mp3 February 2002