SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Prelude


OST: Prelude
Remix: Prelude performance
Sheet: None


This is one of the few remixes I wrote where I’ll admit I wasn’t really all that inspired. I wanted to see if I could pull playing the arpeggios and the lead at the same time. I pulled it off but not to my full satisfaction. Perhaps one day I will recreate this in a more complete recording.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Terra’s Theme

OST: Terra
Remix: FF2 through FF6
Sheet: From piano collections


This song is actually an arrangement of three songs. Sadness from FF2/4, Overworld from FF2/4 and Terra’s theme from FF3/6. The terra theme is taking from the piano collections making it the second arrangement I’ve recorded that I did not arrange. The piano setup and recording quality went very well with this song for some reason. I must apologise for this arrangement not being available online anywhere for several years, please enjoy.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Coin song

OST: Coin Song
Remix: Coin Song
Sheet: Zipped jpgs


The wonders in your memory, the soft feelings that drip out of grasp and hit the floor being partially soaked beyond recovery… forever.

SNES Final Fanatasy 3/6 Goodbye forever

OST: Dark World
Remix: World of Ruin
Sheet: Zip of Jpgs


When I first made it to the section of Final Fantasy 3 where I lost all my characters except cid and I was nursing him to health on the desert island I was really impressed with the game. It felt very realistic, I felt lonely and isolated and the game took on a whole new hopeless feeling that broke it down to nothing allowing you to start over completely again.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned you can keep cid alive by feeding him the “fast fish”. I am very, very fortunate that this did not happen the first time as the cut scene when he dies is aboslutely beautiful and should not be missed.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Kids run through city

OST: Kids Run
Remix: Mp3
Sheet: Piano collections version


When I first became interested in recording remixes a friend of mine showed me a remix collection of Final Fantasy music that had been published on CD. I didn’t think much of it and I decided that I would start making my own “higher” quality arrangements. I learned this version of “kids run through city” from the Final Fantasy Piano Collections. It took me a while to get this song the way I wanted and since it was my first recording there were several technical and practiacl mistakes. I think by the end it took me around 100 takes in the living room of a house with no air conditioning on a very hot july evening. That is something I will not endure again :)