SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Karate man of Fabul

Castle Fabul

OST: Fabul
Mp3: Yang’s Pride
Sheet: Zip of jpgs


My main inspriation for starting work on this arrangment was because I had heard many times that fabul would not translate well to a piano arrangement. Initially I was worried a bit myself but as I got into working with the song I found myself really enjoying it. The theme of fabul is triumphant and full of power, a very uplifting piece to play through. I hope you feel the same way listening as I did playing!

SNES Final Fantasy 2/4 Golbez is Awesome!


OST: Golbez
Mp3: Golbez is awesome
Sheet: PDF


  1. Cecil is a dark knight
  2. Tellah is an old man
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Cecil is a paladin
  2. Tellah won’t cast meteo
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Kain betrays Cecil
  2. Golbez takes Rosa
  3. Golbez is Awesome
  1. Tellah finally casts meteo
  2. Tellah Dies
  3. Golbez is Awesome (cape flaps in the wind)

NES Mega Man 3 Proto Man

OST: NSF file
Mp3: Proto Man take 2
Sheet: None yet


I always enjoyed this song and I think everyone who played mega man 3 enjoyed the addition of proto man. The whistle introduction, the fact that you can never beat him and then again his theme plays at the end of the game, the full version finally!

While fooling around I started to accidently laern part of this song (something that happens to me often) and found that it worked really well on piano. I took me a while to get a recording of it done because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to arrange it. Even so this arrangement is not very good and I will one day re-make it properly.

NES Metroid In Kraid #2


Mp3: Kraid technical version
Sheet: No sheet music for this version of kraid check 1 or 3


I was not vey pleased with my previous version of kraid’s theme so I tried to capture a more technical version. I was much happier with this version but still felt it was missing something, some of the feeling of terror that you can feel in the OST.

NES Mega Man 3 Wily Stage

Mega man 3 title

OST: NSF file
Mp3: The Last Hall
Sheet: PDF


I have to admit that at the time of this remix I had not actually played to this level. However, I really took to a remix by Prozax called Wily’s Ambition. After hearing it I was inspired to learn this from the OST and then record it. It turned out to be a lot of fun to play and I hope it brings a new perspective to this song as well as remind you of the time you spent playing mega man.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Prelude


OST: Prelude
Remix: Prelude performance
Sheet: None


This is one of the few remixes I wrote where I’ll admit I wasn’t really all that inspired. I wanted to see if I could pull playing the arpeggios and the lead at the same time. I pulled it off but not to my full satisfaction. Perhaps one day I will recreate this in a more complete recording.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Terra’s Theme

OST: Terra
Remix: FF2 through FF6
Sheet: From piano collections


This song is actually an arrangement of three songs. Sadness from FF2/4, Overworld from FF2/4 and Terra’s theme from FF3/6. The terra theme is taking from the piano collections making it the second arrangement I’ve recorded that I did not arrange. The piano setup and recording quality went very well with this song for some reason. I must apologise for this arrangement not being available online anywhere for several years, please enjoy.

SNES Final Fantasy 3/6 Coin song

OST: Coin Song
Remix: Coin Song
Sheet: Zipped jpgs


The wonders in your memory, the soft feelings that drip out of grasp and hit the floor being partially soaked beyond recovery… forever.

SNES Chrono Trigger Belthasar’s Endless Dream

Strange power

OST: Sealed Door
Remix: Belthasar’s Endless Dream
Sheet: None yet


One of my favourite features of Chrono Trigger was the mystery. Doors you can’t open, treasure chests “sealed with unknown energy” and then the Nu’s. The score of the game made the mystery seem all that much more enticing and this is probably my favourite song in the entire game that invokes that emotion.

SNES Final Fanatasy 3/6 Goodbye forever

OST: Dark World
Remix: World of Ruin
Sheet: Zip of Jpgs


When I first made it to the section of Final Fantasy 3 where I lost all my characters except cid and I was nursing him to health on the desert island I was really impressed with the game. It felt very realistic, I felt lonely and isolated and the game took on a whole new hopeless feeling that broke it down to nothing allowing you to start over completely again.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned you can keep cid alive by feeding him the “fast fish”. I am very, very fortunate that this did not happen the first time as the cut scene when he dies is aboslutely beautiful and should not be missed.