NES Mega Man 3 Proto Man

OST: NSF file
Mp3: Proto Man take 2
Sheet: None yet


I always enjoyed this song and I think everyone who played mega man 3 enjoyed the addition of proto man. The whistle introduction, the fact that you can never beat him and then again his theme plays at the end of the game, the full version finally!

While fooling around I started to accidently laern part of this song (something that happens to me often) and found that it worked really well on piano. I took me a while to get a recording of it done because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to arrange it. Even so this arrangement is not very good and I will one day re-make it properly.

NES Mega Man 3 Wily Stage

Mega man 3 title

OST: NSF file
Mp3: The Last Hall
Sheet: PDF


I have to admit that at the time of this remix I had not actually played to this level. However, I really took to a remix by Prozax called Wily’s Ambition. After hearing it I was inspired to learn this from the OST and then record it. It turned out to be a lot of fun to play and I hope it brings a new perspective to this song as well as remind you of the time you spent playing mega man.