SNES Final Fantasy 5 Remember

OST: Reminiscence
Remix: Remember
Sheet: None


I never actually completed final fantasy 5. However, one night after playing through a few hours of it I decided that I’d allow myself to skip ahead and browse the SPCs. I found a lot of music that I didn’t expect to find in a final fantasy game and it made me pretty happy. I learned this song right away and recorded it because I felt it was a good model for how this game has different music.

SNES Final Fantasy 5 Nostalgia

Remix: Nostalgia
Sheet: None yet


All those things you could have once had. Reaching to touch them as your fingers fold against the glass cover. It’s just a 2d image of what was once in your permanant grasp. It’s gone now, and you are changed. Where is the past, where are you.