NES Mega Man 2 Woodman’s Forest

Remix: Woodman’s Forest
Sheet: PDF


While practicing go perform a couple of months ago I got tired with the songs I knew and felt like learning another one. I browsed through my list of OSTs and stopped at Mega Man 2 remembering my extensive time playing including the fact that I had just beaten it a week prior. I had originally intended to learn the most famous Dr. wily Level but while I was playing it found myself accidently straying to wood man’s stage. Once I realized I enjoyed playing it more I decided to learn it.

Please excuse the lower quality as I’m inbetween sound cards and am currently using an SBLive.

2 comments to NES Mega Man 2 Woodman’s Forest

  • disturbed

    Thanks for letting me know what you thought of this song and some of the others I’ve done. I’ll take a look at your remixSite. I really tried to capture the feeling of the original game in this while still bringing out the potential it had in it for piano solo.

    I’ll be putting up some more work soon hopefully before you check back!

  • Hey,

    Excellent song. I listened to a few of your songs here, and I wish I could play the piano like you can. I keep meaning to buy myself a keyboard so I can rearrange video game music but never seen to get around to it. I particularly liked the sad Zelda theme.

    I was wondering if you might be willing to post some of your work at remixSite? remixSite is a place where people can post mixes without having to worry about judging like Overclocked requires. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the site if you’re interested.

    Again, great songs, and I’ll definitely be checking back,


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