Anime North 2009 Follow-up

Another May has come around and Anime North is now over. This year I enjoyed my time even more than the previous years and it made me realize how much more I could do when it comes to video game music on piano.


I played three times each for a coulpe of hours this year. One performance was Friday afternoon to evening in the TCC (toronto congress center) when I first arrived. I really enjoy playing in the TCC because large groups of people stop by every few minutes. The sheet music I brought to hand out went very quickly and I filled as many requests as I could.

The next performance was a scheduled concert in the Renaissance. In the past scheduled concerts have not normally drawn as many people as just stopping and playing somewhere but this time there were so many people that there were not enough chairs (I will request a larger area next year). I really enjoyed having such an enthusiastic crowd it gives me all the more motivation to practice and learn new pieces.

The third performance was similar to the first one in the TCC but was in the doubletree hallway instead. Overall I would say I had the most fun this year of all the AN conventions I’ve attended and I look forward to coming again next year.

To do

I made a few commitments while interacting with all of you and don’t think I’ll just forget it. Below is what I intend to do next after getting feedback from everyone at my concerts

  1. Post sheet music for my mega man arrangements
  2. Arrange, perform and post sheet music for the “prologue” from the final fantasy series
  3. Pick and arrange a Konami tune like contra, castlevania, turtles etc

Let me know if I took any other requests from you that I did not list here.

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