7G Assasin’s Creed II The Universe


OST: Ezio’s Family
Remix: The Universe
Sheet: None yet

First off, I’m back. I took a break when my work/life changed but I re-evaluated that unintentional decision and decided it was a mistake. I will be arranging music once again on a regular basis and performing live every few months.


Until now I have only arranged/played songs that are quite old (from my youth) because nothing gave me the feeling of being immersed in a new world that was worth exploring. I’ve spent my fair share of time playing sandbox games like GTA and Protoype but they felt like games/engines, not worlds. I played through AC2 & Brotherhood in 2011 and both games took me to an interesting place with many very cool challenges. While there were many songs in both of these games that were enjoyable this song was the first time I’ve played a 7G game and thought “oh yeah, video game music is awesome!”. The theme is re-hashed through several AC songs but the moment when the AC2 screen comes up still gives me actual chills.

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