Dos PC Skyroads Sad Song

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Remix: Sad Song
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Back when BBS downloads and shareware CD’s were the primary way I would receive games I came across this game “Skyroads“. Initially I didn’t care that much for the music because honestly the game was pretty hard. However, sometimes after playing it for a few hours I would find myself going through the music in my head.

I didn’t think much about it, or try to remix it (I didn’t do remixes back then) but it stuck in my head. Then years later when I was sitting down aimlessly at the piano I started to play this song but couldn’t remember where it was from. When I finally did figure it out I went back and played skyroads after which I did this arrangement.

The arrangement itself does not follow the skyroads melody note for note as I tired to make it more emotional but I think it’s easily recognizable.

Dos PC Tyrian Composition in Q

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Remix: Composition in Q
Sheet: PDF


I had always sifted through the jukebox in the tyrian setup and this song seemed hidden (since in the shareware version I don’t really think it was played). My friend created a tracked version of the song for fun and when I heard it I decided to learn it. Once I learned it I realized that it was actually pretty good so I recorded it and upload it to VgMix1 since tyrian remixes were pretty rare.